We believe God has given two offices to the Church –– the office of Elder (otherwise called Pastor or Overseer) and the office of Deacon. Elders are called by our exalted Savior (Eph. 4:11) to lead, feed, watch over and protect the flock. True pastors know the sheep belong to the ultimate Shepherd and Overseer (I Peter 2:25) and have no desire to lord their authority over His flock. At the same time, they realize they have been vested with biblical authority and that some day they will give an account for the exercise of their spiritual stewardship. Realizing this humbles and sobers them. In the midst of their humility and sobriety they feel overwhelmed with the privilege of preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and caring for the souls of His sheep. We are presently blessed with the following elders:

Pastor Josh LaGrange









Pastor Ben Hartwig