We’re excited to announce the release of the first book from Pastor Josh’s writing ministry!

A Young Man’s Biblical Guide to Women, Sex, and Manliness is now available for purchase.


About the Book
You’re being lied to and you’re wasting your life. At least if you’re following the typical wisdom offered to you. You keep getting fed these lies that are keeping you a child. God made you for more than that. He made you for more than video games and Abercrombie shirts. He’s called you to something, and it’s big. God calls men to rise up and do something with their life– Something adventurous, something bold, risky things, things that put yourself out there. But we’re seeing a generation of young men reach adulthood and decide to keep playing video games in their mommy’s basement. This book is calling you to be what God made you to be. If you don’t want to do that, if you’d like to just remain a boy for the next couple decades, that’s fine. The rest of us are going to be building cities, fighting wars, confronting evil, doing missions in the jungles, making happy wives, and building generations of followers of Christ. So keep playing your video games in your mommy’s basement. Besides, you’d just be in the way.